Getting just a little more productive

Sometimes entering a command is just the fastest way to get something done. That's why Terminal or shell windows in IDEs come in so handy. Here is how it looks in Android Studio.

Just make sure all the tools you might need are found. I suggest a regular housekeeping of the PATH environment variable. For example, Android devs may wish to include $ANDROID_HOME/tools and $ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools. Java developers need $JAVA_HOME/bin. Of course, $ANDROID_HOME and $JAVA_HOME must point to the installation directories of the Android SDK and the Java Development Kit.

NetBeans offers a Terminal window, too.

There is a plugin called Terminal Extras. It helps setting a base directory upon invocation of the Terminal. You can download it through the Plugin Manager.

Just pick a project and hit Alt-.

Simple yet great.

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