Yes it works

Have you tried to deploy a JavaFX app as a Web Start app and failed? Fear no more. The issue is easy enough to fix.

When I started my app as a Web Start app, I was greeted with these two fellows:

Screenshot: Runtime Error

Screenshot: Part of a stack trace

The error message seems obvious. Java is unable to find a resource. To be more precisely, it fails to find an fxml document. The usual diagnosis is... The resource is not there. Or... you are doing that getResources() wrong. 


To put a long story short. Not being able to find the resource here means not being able to access it. My Web Start app was sandboxed. As soon as I requested all_permissions, everything was fine.

So, for example, in a NetBeans project just request unrestricted access. Wham!

Screenshot: Granting a Web Start app unrestricted access

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