A couple of screenshots from Android Studio 3.0

The final Android O SDK should arrive sometime in July or August, with Android O to follow shortly after. Along with the new Android version we will see a new major version of Android Studio. Google has released a preview recently, so why not take it for a spin? The following two screenshots show the known project assistant. Have you spotted the added support for Kotlin, as announced during I/O 2017?

Spot the new Kotlin support option

Choosing the platform

The main windows has not changed a lot. Winking smile Then again, please take a closer look at the editor window, in particular the filename.

Android Studio main window

.kt is the extension for Kotlin source files. And : means extends. Classes in Kotlin can have properties. These can be declared as mutable, using the var keyword or read-only using the val keyword. Remember, Swift uses let for the latter one. Winking smile

Are you going to switch to Kotlin? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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